ServiceM8 announced on 10th September that version 7.0 was on the horizon… and now it’s here!

Coinciding with the iOS12 launch, ServiceM8 7.0 brings a raft of improvements and new features.

The new features include knowledge articles, online courses (‘learning roadmap’), asset management, quote & invoice version history, online booking & services improvements and a range of Siri voice commands.

Now that I’m finally allowed to talk about version 7.0, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.

When can I download / access it?

Right now!  the new version of the ServiceM8 app is available from the apple app store. If you want to take advantage of all of the improvements, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve also installed the newest apple operating system iOS12.

For the ServiceM8 desktop versions, you should start to notice the improvements from today. You’ll need to switch on the newest add-ons Knowledge and Asset Management.

Device Compatibility

The app requires iOS 10 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The online version can be used on any computer with any browser (but it works best with Chrome)

Best new features

Quote and invoice variations & version history

I’m sure we can all think of plenty of times when a customer has asked for two or three quote variations – perhaps a different product, or a version that contains extras. You can now create as many versions as you like, send the customer all of the variations and allow them to pick the one they want – this will be a massive time saver!

Online Booking gets visual

The online booking form can now include images and icons. This is great if you want to make your booking forms more visual and help the customer to better understand what you’re asking of them.

Online booking forms now accept either full or part payment

You’ll now be able to take payment for services in advance of the job, or charge a deposit at the time of booking. This could really help your cashflow and cut down on missed appointments.

‘Services’ Improvements

There have been various improvements to the ‘Services’ add-on, including dynamic job descriptions, a maximum radius of travel and more…

Siri gets smarter

You can now set up a range of verbal shortcuts to operate the ServiceM8 app with Siri.  You’ll be able to tell siri to ‘start next job’ to automatically send a text to the next customer if you’re running late and to complete & check out of your current job, plus many more commands.

Improvements to the client & job diaries

You’ll now be able to add to the main client record directly from the job diary, plus you can do more with entries on the job diary.

Reply to email action

This is a feature that’s been sorely missed from two-way email – you can now reply to a customer email direct from ServiceM8 and include their email below yours when replying.

Supplier invoice importing

Keep track of your job-related expenses better by providing your suppliers with a special ServiceM8 email address – whenever an invoice is emailed to that address, the details of the invoice will be added to the job, as well as being sent to your main accounts email.


Create text, image and video knowledge articles within ServiceM8 that can be viewed on the app and posted automatically to relevant jobs.

Learning Roadmap

A structured online course of videos and articles to help staff across your business understand ServiceM8 and where to take it (and your business) next. Each level has requirements that you need to complete to progress.

Asset Management & Form History

Manage all of your clients assets & from ServiceM8 – view the asset’s service history, create asset registers & reports and create form follow-up actions using the new Asset Management add-on.

Global Search

Search everything – images, notes, clients, text, invoices etc easily with the new global search feature.

Watch the launch video...

(It's 45 minutes long, but you can skip to the sections of interest using the menu on the right hand side)

Want to use the new features but need a bit more help?

Drop me a line and I’ll be able to talk you through whatever you need.

Alternatively, ServiceM8 have now updated their help centre with a dedicated page for ServiceM8 7.0 – find it here.

What do you think of the new features? Which ones will you use? Any you won’t use?



Hazel Whicher

Hazel Whicher

UK ServiceM8 Partner

I’m a UK ServiceM8 expert & partner. I can help you get the most out of ServiceM8 with implementation packs, templates, forms, training and more. Drop me a line on 07818 608882 or hello@hazelwhicher.co.uk to have a chat about your business.