#TipTuesday – Start using video walkthroughs to make quoting easier

ServiceM8 made a range of improvements to the camera in the last major update.

Video recordings were extended from 30 seconds to 2 minutes each, there’s a timer to show you how much recording time you have left and a visual warning before you run out of time.

As a result, you can now take useful videos as you walk through your customer’s site, describing the work that needs to be done, work that’s been completed, or anything in between.

ServiceM8 will auto-transcribe what you’ve said in the video, and save it as a text transcript with the video in the job’s Diary.

There’s no limit to the number of videos that you can add to a job, so summarise each room, or each stage, or a set of instructions for each member of staff.

How to use video transcription

It’s easy! Just open the ServiceM8 Camera and record a video as you normally would, speaking as you go e.g. walk around a site describing what needs to be done, or the work completed.

It’ll take a few minutes for the video to be transcribed in the background, so check back in the job diary a little later.

Your turn

Are you using videos on ServiceM8? What kinds of things have you used it for?