I am proud to announce that at the end of 2020, I was awarded ServiceM8’s Ambassador Award 🙂

This is given to just 1 out of 130+ partners each year.

I’ve been a ServiceM8 Partner since 2016 and have grown my ServiceM8 Consultancy business steadily over time. The only reason I’ve been able to do this was because we were using ServiceM8 in our plumbing company – I’d freed up 80% my time to explore other business avenues and becoming a ServiceM8 Partner was a logical next step for me.



“Doing great things to represent ServiceM8 “

This award was presented as a result of my “Doing great things to represent ServiceM8”

Implementing initiatives to help ServiceM8 customers make the most of ServiceM8

Live ServiceM8 Trainings & Courses

At the beginning of 2020, with the onset of COVID restrictions, I lost a major travel client that I’d been working with to provide website analytics and SEO consultancy. 35% of my annual income was gone overnight. I didn’t panic, but I was very nervous about the coming months.

At the same time, the companies that wanted to go ahead with full ServiceM8 implementation packages disappeared or put their projects on hold, as we all battened down the hatches and tried to work our way through the COVID restrictions and ongoing financial uncertainty.

I realised that instead of working with less clients at higher prices for 1:1 implementations, I needed to pivot and find a way to offer my ServiceM8 and analytical skills to a larger number of companies at a lower price point.

I launched my first courseHow to organise ServiceM8 to easily work with letting agents‘ at the end of January 2020.

It pulled together my first-hand experience of handling demanding property managers for small margins. It showed ServiceM8 users how to pull together different features to organise their ServiceM8 accounts to suit.

This was received well, so I moved on to my next project – a paid-for live training called ServiceM8 on Autopilot: How to Get More Done in Less Time.  It was delivered as a webinar to show ServiceM8 users how to automate more of their daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

I got some brilliant feedback and felt encouraged to do more.

Training & Strategy Sessions for 1:1 coaching

In April 2020, I launched training and strategy sessions over zoom. This allowed me to continue to offer 1:1 coaching, in spite of COVID restrictions. I packaged this up with offering access to the recording and a week’s worth of follow up support via email.

This package is great for companies who have been using ServiceM8 for some time, but they’re not sure they’re maximising what the tool can do for their business.

Others have used these sessions to explore new features, connecting their xero accounts, covering workflow techniques and lots more.

My Inner Circle Membership

In September 2020 I launched my membership program.

Rather than expand my business by just adding more staff, I knew I wanted to continue to allow direct access to my brain and ServiceM8 knowledge to more companies, so this felt like a really good move.

I’d started planning this in January 2020, but I’m pretty shy when it comes to being on camera.. plus I had to work through some self-esteem issues, before finally plucking up the courage to launch in September – 9 months after the initial idea!

For just £20 / month (or £16.66 /month if you go for the annual plan) you can now get direct access to me, along with a host of tutorials, monthly live trainings, Q&A sessions, co-working sessions and access to a private facebook group where you can access anything and everything about hitting your business goals with ServiceM8.

This approach makes working with me super affordable. I’ve even received requests from several ServiceM8 partners to join, so I’m confident that this is the right approach and that there’s a need for someone to really explore what this tool can do.

There’s also a lot more in the pipeline, but you’d have to join to find out! ????

I’d like to say a massive thank you to my loyal band of customers and followers who give me ideas and push me to do more, and explore more.

I’d also like to thank ServiceM8 for their ongoing encouragement and support.

If you’d like to know more about my Inner Circle and join my merry group of business owners and entrepreneurs, you can find out more here – https://www.hazelwhicher.co.uk/inner-circle

Not yet signed up for a trial? Sign up for ServiceM8 here and get a discount by signing up through me 🙂