I bet one of the main reasons you moved to ServiceM8 was to get rid of all of the paperwork in your business – am I right?

You got rid of the paper diary and sorted out a way of easily creating your quotes and invoices then sat back and thought great, that’s done.

But have you looked around at all the other paperwork you’re carrying around?

Gas pads sitting on your van dash?

Job sheets for the different firms you sub contract for?

Site survey questionnaires that get lost and crumpled?

An in-tray of holiday requests?

Yes, you can take a photo of the document and add it to servicem8, but can everyone read your writing? How’s your spelling? Do you remember to take the photo after the job? What do you then do with the actual paperwork? Pay someone to file it? Let it pile up?

Sometimes a lack of time and imagination can result in not using ServiceM8 to it’s full potential to help you with these kinds of problems.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of over 100 different forms that you can use in your business to get rid of that paperwork pile, keep your customers happier and run your business efficiently.

Bonus Material: 100+ ServiceM8 Form Ideas PDF

Hate not being able to think of ways to systemise your business with forms?

Get the 100+ ServiceM8 Form Ideas PDF so you can refer to it anywhere anytime.

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The List

Customer Service

  1. Client onboarding form
  2. Customer call back request form
  3. Customer case study form
  4. Customer satisfaction survey
  5. Job alteration or addition form
  6. Job completion report
  7. SLA – service level agreement form
  8. Work order



  1. Apprentice documentation report
  2. Business card request form
  3. Certificate of experience or training (staff)
  4. Employee appreciation certificate
  5. Employee onboarding form
  6. Holiday request form
  7. Job arrival process
  8. Job departure process
  9. Job progress report
  10. Manual handling record
  11. Meeting minutes
  12. Receipt details form / expense report
  13. Reimbursement of expenses request form
  14. Staff / customer suggestions form
  15. Staff appraisal form
  16. Staff injury report
  17. Staff starter form
  18. Staff training request form


Vans / Tools / Parts

  1. Additional driver form for insurance
  2. Monthly mileage record
  3. New tool / hardware request form
  4. Office cleaning checklist
  5. Parts request
  6. Purchase order
  7. Tool calibration certificate
  8. Tool servicing / inspection record
  9. Tool rental checklist
  10. Tool service / cleaning request
  11. Tools in van report
  12. Vehicle accident record
  13. Vehicle maintenance check
  14. Waste carriers note


Health & Safety

  1. Health and safety audit
  2. Method statement
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Site accident form
  5. Site survey report



  1. Authority to enter
  2. Booking form (work acceptance)
  3. Contract variation report
  4. Email marketing permission record
  5. Filming consent form
  6. Photography release form
  7. Right to cancel notice



  1. Fire extinguisher inspection report


Plumbing & Heating

  1. Gas safety certificate
  2. Gas service and maintenance record
  3. Gas warning notice
  4. Gas Safety Inspection form for commercial catering appliances
  5. Mobile Vehicle / Trailer Safety record
  6. Plumbing condition report
  7. Commissioning of water pipework
  8. Boiler commissioning certificate (benchmark paperwork)
  9. Bathroom quality check sheet
  10. Energy saving report
  11. Domestic unvented hot water vessel commissioning certificate
  12. Fire hydrant servicing and inspection report
  13. Legionella risk assessment
  14. Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector checks
  15. Powerflush process checklist
  16. Shower cartridge identification form
  17. Plumbing system setup form
  18. CP16 gas testing and purging
  19. CP15 non-domestic plant commissioning and servicing
  20. RPZ testing certificate
  21. Radiator replacement survey
  22. Boiler / heating system suitability survey
  23. Heat loss calculations report
  24. Energy performance certificate


Property Management

  1. Property detail report


Roofing / Construction

  1. Asbestos checks
  2. Weather damage inspection report
  3. Working at heights assessment
  4. Rope access
  5. Building inspection survey
  6. Roof survey and inspection



  1. Intruder alarm maintenance report
  2. CCTV commissioning certificate


Pest Control

  1. COSHH assessment form
  2. Pest inspection report



  1. PAT report
  2. Minor electrical works report
  3. Electrical installation condition report (EICR)
  4. Electrical site survey
  5. Electrical Periodic inspection report
  6. Visual inspection electrical certificate


Tree Surgery

  1. Tree survey



  1. CD10 oil firing installation certificate
  2. CD11 oil firing servicing & commissioning report
  3. CD12 landlord oil installation check
  4. CD14 warning and advice notice
  5. TI/133 domestic oil storage tank assessment



  1. Cleaning requirements checklist
  2. Cleaning schedule


Bonus Material: 100+ ServiceM8 Form Ideas PDF

Hate not being able to think of ways to systemise your business with forms?

Get the 100+ ServiceM8 Form Ideas PDF so you can refer to it anywhere anytime.

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Use this list as your jumping off point

We’ve just covered a lot of different ideas.

I gave you 100+ ServiceM8 form ideas that will improve your business productivity.

Now you can start picking off the forms that are going to save you the most time and solve the most problems in your business.

Want more ideas and guidance on how to create forms for your business? I’ll be launching my Inner Circle very soon – it’s a monthly membership option that gives you more useful trainings, ideas and content direct from me.

Find out more about the Inner Circle here.


Seen a form on this list that I haven’t yet made?

Send me an email at hello@hazelwhicher.co.uk to request it ????