CD/10 Oil Firing Installation Completion Report for ServiceM8 (Digital Product)

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CD10 Oil Firing Installation Completion Report Certificate form for use with ServiceM8.

Capture all of your findings whilst on site – use this ServiceM8 form to record the oil service & commissioning checks/work carried out and your findings when carrying out an oil appliance service.

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This CD/10 Oil Firing Installation Completion Report Certificate form can be used within ServiceM8 to create CD10 oil form reports on the go.

Use the ServiceM8 app to create your Oil Installation Reports on site and then email or print the finished PDF form to send directly to your customer.  You’ll never have to buy another pad again!

Bespoke certificates

The certificate design is personalised with your company logo and details and automatically fills in the customer’s name and address, enabling you to create branded certificates in less time than if you were to use a paper record pad or another app.

Tie this together with ServiceM8’s recurring jobs feature and you’ll have a complete audit trail and annual reminders to encourage your customers to come back to you, year after year.

No internet connection – No problem!

Engineers don’t need to have internet access to record all of the details – just complete the Oil Servicing form on the app as normal and the final certificate can be generated once the engineer regains signal, or from the office.

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