Main feature highlights include:

  • Add-on SDK (software development kit)– develop or ask partners to develop your own servicem8 add-ons that provide extra functionality for your business.
  • Form Store – buy ready-made forms from the new ‘form store’ (go to forms and you’ll see a new green button
  • Auto Form Templates – create the questions and a basic form word template will be created for you
  • App Photo engine improvements – faster and easier to take photos with a new camera icon at the top of each job on the app.
  • Audio tagging – create additional tags for photos and then use audio tagging to verbally add them to the photos you take
  • Servicem8 Measure – use your iPhone or iPad to measure distances and areas and create 2D and 3D diagrams
  • Document Scan – improved way of taking pictures of documents
  • Form pause and resume – this means you can get part way through a form, save the draft and come back to it later.
  • Material drag and drop – reorder items on invoices on both the app and online
  • iPad drag and drop – drag and drop files, photos and contacts from other apps directly onto a ServiceM8 job card
  • Barcode scanning – scan barcodes to add parts to invoices
  • ServiceM8 online redesign – bigger area to view the calendar, large job card, new icons, bigger fonts
  • Notification enhancements – select additional notification options for important events
  • Simpler recurring jobs interface – it’s now quicker and easier to book recurring work
  • Smart routing optimisation – choosing appointment times that prioritise location / travel time for the booking suggestion feature and when recurring jobs are automatically scheduled by ServiceM8
  • Improvement stock management – see the recorded levels of stock when adding a part to an invoice
  • Work order scanning – send PDF job requests to the ServiceM8 inbox and it’ll recognise information and add it to a job card
  • Smart scheduling – schedule directly from the job card – ServiceM8 suggests the most suitable next appointment time based on staff availability and the location of existing jobs
  • Staff availability – set up staff leave from the staff options page to block out time they’re not working
  • Services – create a custom set of questions that allow your staff and customers to price up their own jobs – this links with a new and improved booking form so your customers can now get an online quote and book their appointment without even needing to call or email your office
  • Auto approve invoices from the app (so you don’t have to do this in ServiceM8 online)
  • Credit card scanning – take payment with stripe by taking an image of the card rather than having to enter the numbers
  • Stripe auto reconciling – you can now automatically reconcile your stripe payments in xero


Next Steps

  • ServiceM8 have rolled out the improvements to ServiceM8 online already, so you should see the new and improved style this morning – you don’t have to do anything.
  • To take advantage of the improvements to the app, go to the app store and install the updates for the ServiceM8 app.
  • If you’d like to try out ServiceM8 Measure and Document Scanner, you’ll also need to upgrade your apple device to iOS 11 (released a couple of days ago)

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