ServiceM8 recently announced the launch of their form store – a place for ServiceM8 users to buy ready-made forms for use in their accounts.

What are forms?

Forms are a digital version of any paper document that you currently use in your business.

They are perfect for surveys, checklists and inspection reports. Other uses include the detailing of processes, so forms are also great for training.

Customer satisfaction survey

I’ve designed and built a customer satisfaction survey form. It’s currently the only feedback form in the store.

You can use this to gather private and quantifiable feedback as soon as each job is complete.

These surveys are saved on the job cards. Over time, you can review them to gather a complete picture of how your business is performing from a customer perspective.

If you receive good feedback, you can use it in your website and marketing materials. If the feedback is not so good, you’ll know before your customer has a chance to tell their social media circles.

How do I buy it?

Great question!

Log into your ServiceM8 account and go to Settings > Forms > Form Store and search for ‘customer satisfaction’ there.

Another option is to log in to your ServiceM8 account and click this link to be taken directly to it.

Want something different?

No problem!

I can make adjustments to this form for you, or design and build any form you can think of.

Just drop me a line and let me know what you need.


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