11th June 2024


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Want more profit? Switch to the ServiceM8 Premium Plan

When was the last time you took a close look at how much profit you’re making?

I talk to a lot of business owners who don’t know this figure… At the end of the day, revenue doesn’t matter if you’re not making any profit.

Awareness leads to change.

You only know that you need to do something about your profitability, if you actually know what that level of profit is.

As Xero says: “Businesses that know how to measure profitability get better at being profitable”

Your ServiceM8 account can help deliver with this with two add-ons – first is the Markup Billing add-on.

It adds extra columns to the billing section on the job card, so you can simply add the purchase cost and the markup you want to achieve for it to spit out the price to the customer.

This is super handy if you or your team are buying a lot parts on the fly – you can tell the team the margin you want to achieve and make it easy for them to deliver on that.

You’ve also got the Job Costing add-on.

It gives you a quick estimated profit/loss figure on each job, which is based on the purchase costs of each material, the direct costs of labour, and the “hidden cost” of administration time. This enables you to:

  • Helps prevent under-quoting for jobs
  • Check that you’ve remembered to charge for all labour recorded against a job
  • See which types of jobs are good for your business, and which ones are not

These add-ons are available on the Premium plan –

Try for just 30 days

You’re never tied into any plan for longer than 30 days – this means that you can suck it and see – if you don’t find these add-ons useful, you can return to the growing plan with a couple of clicks.

Make £1 profit more per job and you’re covered, make £2 and you’re UP!

If you’re doing, say, 3 jobs per weekday (60 a month), you only need to make an extra £1 profit on each of those jobs to make the upgrade from Growing to Premium plan move break even. Just £2 extra profitability on each of those jobs means you’re up!

Get Knowledge too

If you upgrade to Premium, you’ll get access to the Knowledge add-on too, which means that you can start to document all of your business processes and start the journey toward having your business run like clockwork and allow you to take a step back from the day to day operations.

Try Premium today – go to Account > Settings > ServiceM8 Account > Change Plan

Are you tracking profit? What have you learned about making a profit?

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