There’ll be times when you’re out on a job visit and take photos without actually working from within the ServiceM8 app.  Perhaps one of your mates has texted you a photo of an issue that needs sorting, or you’ve found and saved a photo of a product from the internet.

If you’ve been using the ServiceM8 app for a while, you might have thought that it was impossible to easily add existing photos directly from your phone. Instead, you might have tried workarounds such as emailing the photos to yourself and then attaching them through the web version, but you can actually upload them through the ServiceM8 app itself.

How to add photos from your photo library

1. Find and open the job you’d like to add the photos to

2. Hit the + in the top right hand corner


3. Press and hold the camera option  ( this is the only button that has additional options if you press & hold it )
Press and hold camera button
4. Select Choose existing photo
Choose existing photo

5. Select the photo you’d like to upload

You’ll be given the option of selecting from your camera roll, moments or albums.

Choose existing photo
6. You’ll be given more options – 
Choose existing photo


Whether you’ve got photos on your phone already, or you’ve got the ServiceM8 app open, you can add photos to any ServiceM8 job quickly & easily.

Hazel is an Online Marketing Consultant & ServiceM8 expert. She's been building websites since 1998 and most recently worked for Royal Caribbean International as an Online Development Exec and previously for Snow + Rock as Ecommerce Manager.


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