By importing your commonly used materials and services into ServiceM8, you can create a searchable database of parts, with the purchase price and your list price added. This list can then be used to quickly add parts and services to your quotes and invoices.

1. Click settings

2. Click materials & services

Press and hold camera button

3. Click Bulk Import

Choose existing photo

This is the materials and services bulk import wizard.

4a. If you have a file that’s ready to upload, click on the ‘choose file’ button.

4b. If you don’t have a pre-prepared file, click on the ‘download file template’ button – this will download a blank copy of the file for you to add your parts and services to.


Choose existing photo

Pssst.. If you’re a plumber or heating engineer, I’ve done the hard work for you by creating a list of 122 of the most common plumbing & heating materials & services.

5. Choose your file & click ‘Next’ – you’ll be taken to the next screen where you need to make sure that the column headings in your file match the fields in ServiceM8

Choose existing photo

6. Click next and ServiceM8 will start to process and check your file

Choose existing photo

7. Once the file has been processed, you see a confirmation

Choose existing photo

8. Check your materials by going back to Settings > Materials & Services

Choose existing photo

Now, when you open a job and go to the ‘Quotes and Invoicing’ section, you can start typing the item you’re looking for into the item code field.

ServiceM8 will search it’s list of materials and services and return the ones that match your search, speeding up your quoting and invoicing process.

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