Get your professional business phone number

I’ve partnered with 08 Direct to bring you professional business phone numbers at a low price.

Integrate your new phone number with ServiceM8 Phone to create a fully-functional, professional phone service that’s flexible and integrates fully with your ServiceM8 account.

Pick the type of number you want

0330, 0333, 0800 or local ‘geographical’ numbers are all available.

Your choice depends on the kind of impression you want to make on your customer.

Business Phone Numbers from 08 Direct

Choose from a selection of memorable numbers

They’re grouped into Bronze, Silver & Gold numbers.

Silver and Gold are more memorable than bronze – there are more numbers repeated.

I’ve negotiated a special deal with 08Direct for anyone that signs up through me –

08Direct are offering my customers a Silver number for FREE, instead of their normal list price of £29 + VAT.

Plus, if you’d like a gold number, you’ll get nearly £20 off – pay £30 + VAT instead of the usual £49 + VAT





Normally: £29 + VAT

For You: FREE


Normally: £49 + VAT

For You: £30 + VAT

Choose your monthly plan

if you’re using ServiceM8 phone, then your plan will just need to forward to a landline number.

You can choose from 550 minutes or 1250 minutes a month.

To give you an idea, if an average customer call is 2 – 3 minutes long, then the 550 minutes will cover 6 – 9 calls per day and the 1250 plan will cover around 14 – 21 calls per day.

Complete the form below to get started

You’ll get a discount AND a personal service if you go through me.

A member of the 08Direct team will be in touch to help you choose your perfect business telephone number and then set it up for you – you’ll be ready to go in no time at all!