TIP: the Knowledge Add-on lets you record videos & create articles in ServiceM8, which can be searched & viewed in the field. Great for accessing know-how, procedures & important info when you need it!

TIP: do you know about Global Search in the online dashboard?

You can find almost anything in your account & job history this way — jobs, clients, materials, forms, files, photos, assets & more.

Access via the ????icon or by keyboard shortcut:
⌘-Shift-F (on Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-F (on Windows).

Want to add text or draw on job photos?

Here’s how, with a Shortcut to Markup:

Quote Options!

If you’re often asked to provide more than one quote for a job (e.g. for different scopes or scenarios), make sure you check out the new Quote Options feature.


Did you know in the Schedule tab of the iPad app, you can:

– Directly schedule a job (tap & hold, release)
– Pick up & reschedule jobs
– Adjust a job’s duration
– Shrink & expand the schedule’s time scale

Do you have any tips? What’s your favourite shortcut?